Adjusting to Life with Dentures

Adjusting to Life with Dentures

Dentures are popular. Of the 36 million Americans who don’t have teeth, about 90% of them wear dentures. If you’re a candidate for dentures, we can help.

At Advanced Implant Dentistry & MedSpa of North Shore in Glenview, Illinois, Dr. Howard Jeon, Dr. Michael Monto, and our professional dental team are dentures specialists. We customize them to fit your mouth comfortably and give guidance on how to get used to them.

Different types of dentures

You have options when it comes to dentures. They include:


To get conventional dentures, we first remove any remaining teeth and allow time for your gums to heal. Once you’re fully healed, we place your dentures, which are removable.


At your initial visit, we take measurements of your mouth and make models of your jaw. At your next visit, we remove your remaining teeth and place your immediate dentures that same day. We may need to make some adjustments to your dentures once you’re fully healed.


You have several options with implant-retained dentures. We secure them in place, using two or more dental implants, and you can remove them as needed.

During your consultation, we work with you to determine your best option.

Advantages of dentures

If you have missing teeth or don’t have any teeth, your oral health might be at risk. You can end up with bone loss, the inability to eat or speak well, and the structure of your facial features can change.

Dentures can offer you many benefits, including:

Wearing dentures can make you want to smile with confidence, too.

Tips for adjusting to your dentures

It may take some time to adjust to your new set of teeth, but these tips should help:

Be realistic

You’re new to wearing dentures, so give yourself some time for them to become comfortable. Soon enough, it will be like learning to ride a bike and mastering it in little time.

Sing to help you speak

Did you know that singing can help your speech? Singing fluid phrases slowly can help you form certain words. You should also practice speaking when you’re alone. The more you try to talk efficiently, the more comfortable you’ll become with your dentures.

Try different adhesives

Not all adhesives work the same. Experiment with different types, using only a small amount. If your dentures aren’t staying in appropriately, they may need adjusting. If so, call our office for an appointment, and we can help them fit more comfortably.

Keep your follow-up appointments

Your dentures involve a treatment plan. After your extractions, your gum line can shift over time, causing your dentures to fit differently. Follow-up appointments ensure that you’re healing correctly and that your dentures are working as they should.

To find out if dentures might be right for you, call our friendly office at 847-998-8100, or book your visit online today. Please send us a message if you’d like to discuss any concerns before your appointment.

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