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Living without teeth makes it difficult to eat and speak, but with dentures, you don’t have to. At Advanced Implant Dentistry & MedSpa of North Shore in Glenview, Illinois, Howard Jeon, DMD, creates customized dentures that fit perfectly in your mouth and restore the structure of your face. Additionally, you can eat and speak without difficulty, and you may have the option to support your dentures with implants. Call the office or click today to review your denture options and get your full set of teeth back.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are oral appliances that replace some or all of the missing teeth in your mouth. A complete denture replaces your whole set of teeth in one or both arches, while a partial denture fits around your remaining teeth to replace only a few. 

Dentures made by the team at Advanced Implant Dentistry & MedSpa of North Shore are made of a comfortable acrylic material that fits over your gums and mimics the color of your gums, too. 

The false teeth within your denture set are made of either plastic or porcelain and look almost identical to your natural teeth. 

You might think of dentures as obviously false sets of fake teeth that are often seen as a joke: With today’s dentures, this simply isn’t the case. 

Your dentures look entirely natural and stay in place for eating and speaking via suction to your gums or by attaching to implants or other teeth. You must remove them for cleaning and sleeping.

What types of dentures are available?

You have several options for dentures with a few differences that make them unique. Your dentist at Advanced Implant Dentistry & MedSpa of North Shore helps you navigate the differences and select the right type for your needs. If you’re getting complete dentures, you can choose from:

Conventional dentures

Conventional dentures are created and placed after your dentist removes all of your remaining teeth and waits for your gums to heal.

Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are created in advance so you can wear them right after your dentist removes your teeth.

Implant-retained dentures

There are several types of implant-retained dentures that your provider helps you review. They all attach securely to dental implants placed in your jaw but can still be easily removed at will. 

Along with the team’s experience and clinical skills, they use the latest technology to provide well-fitting dentures that are aesthetically pleasing,  functional, and comfortable.  

What’s the advantage of choosing dentures to restore my teeth?

Rather than choosing fixed appliances like dental crowns or bridges, many patients turn to dentures because of their simplicity. 

You can get surgery to place dental implants that secure your dentures, or you don’t have to. The fact that you can remove them at any time means that they’re easy to clean, and it’s easier to clean your entire mouth. 

Additionally, dentures are cost-effective and time-saving. If you choose to get dentures that aren’t implant-supported, you don’t have to get complicated and expensive surgery or wait a long time for your mouth to heal while you only eat soft foods. 

To discuss your denture options with an expert at Advanced Implant Dentistry & MedSpa of North Shore, call the office or request an appointment online today.